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Decorate your house with affordable professional landcsape lighting


Our dedication towards being affordable while still producing high-quality products makes Landscape Lighting possible for everyone who wants their home or business property looking its very best.


The right landscape lighting will make your home's most important features stand out and create perfect amounts of drama in any yard. Find out which techniques work best for the architectural styles at play within each space, or what type landscape light is ideal when illuminating an outdoor area like garden, bush, or backyard.



Objects are drastically transformed under the right lighting. With various LED options like up lighting, downlighting, and shadowing, you can illuminate pathways, structures, and areas artistically.


Convert your outdoor spaces into convenient living areas with landscape lighting. You can enjoy your deck, pool, or patio at any time of the day with our lighting systems and fixtures.


LED landscape lighting provides no danger. Besides adding curb appeal to your home, landscape lighting gives off essential illumination for nighttime navigation and helps ensure safe.

From our customers
From our customers
Great set of lights with nice study metal grilles that are also effective at reducing glare when turned orthogonally to viewing angle. I put four on one tree and it's very bright! Color is warm and not too white.
— Andrew M
From our customers
Boosted my walkway from average to amazing in 1 hour. Just ran landscaping wire under rocks and attached waterproof couplers from the lights to the running wire. Each light sinks into the ground and is fastened securely. The lights are a warm light possibly 3500 brightness and work perfectly with my low voltage timer.
— Eric rse
From our customers
Cute Wife loves them
— Mr & Mrs Trago
From our customers
These lights are perfect! They have a crisp, bright light that looks great illuminating our pathways. The thing I love most about them is the cover. The bulb is out of the elements and the light is out of your eyes! It looks very appealing from a distance as well. You can actually see what the light accents versus just seeing a bright light.
— Ben Han
From our customers
The landscape lights were easy to assemble and install. Great wire length and gauge of wire. I soldered the wires instead of using the connectors that came with the kit. Although, I'm sure the connectors would have worked fine, I prefer to solder my connections for a more permanent connection. The lights give a wonderful warm glow along the edges of our asphalt driveway.
— Migizi
From our customers
Perfect landscape lights paired with Leonlite spotlights! Used 12/2 landscape wiring to connect it all together. 🤩
— Smcdees