Welcome to LeonLite, where we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality lighting solutions at the best possible value. We understand that price is a crucial factor for our customers, and we are excited to introduce our new Price Match Guarantee and 30-Day Price Protection! The policy is a testament to our commitment to offering not just exceptional products but also the best prices in the market.


Overview of Price Match Policy
At LeonLite, we are constantly monitoring the market to ensure our prices are competitive. However, if you find a lower price for an identical product from a qualifying retailer, we will happily match it. This policy is our promise to you that shopping with us is not only about quality but also about getting the best deal.

Eligibility Criteria for Price Match
To be eligible for a price match, the following conditions must be met:

  • The product must be identical (same model, size, and color).
  • Proof of the lower price from a qualifying retailer is required.
  • The lower price must be publicly advertised and currently valid.
    Please note that our price match policy does not apply to clearance items, limited-time offers, or prices from unauthorized dealers.

How to Claim a Price Match
Claiming a price match is easy:

  1. Find a lower price on an identical product from a qualifying retailer.
  2. Gather evidence of the lower price (e.g., a flyer, advertisement, or web link).
  3. Contact our customer service team with your proof of the lower price.
  4. Allow our team to verify the information.
  5. Once verified, we will adjust your purchase price to match the lower price.

Processing Price Match Requests
Upon receiving your price match request, our dedicated team will verify the information against our eligibility criteria. This process typically takes 24-48 hours. Once your request is approved, we will adjust the price of your purchase accordingly and notify you of the change.

Customer Benefits
Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you do not have to choose between quality and price. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best deal available.

Closing Remarks
We encourage you to take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee and continue to shop with us for all your lighting needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.



Customers who purchase a product from LeonLite are eligible for the 30-Day Price Protection if the price of the purchased item decreases on LeonLite’s website within 30 days of their purchase.

Claim Process:

  • Notify LeonLite's customer service within 30 days of your purchase if you notice a price drop.
  • Provide proof of purchase and the date of purchase.
  • Show evidence of the reduced price on LeonLite’s website.


Upon verification, LeonLite will refund the difference between your purchase price and the new, lower price.

*Disclaimer: The 30-Day Price Protection applies only to purchases made directly from LeonLite’s website. Price reductions must be for the exact same model and specifications. The policy does not apply to temporary promotions, open-box items, or price changes due to errors. LeonLite reserves the right to modify or terminate this policy at any time without prior notice. Thank you for choosing LeonLite. We look forward to serving you with quality, value, and dedication.



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