Pathway lights not only extend outdoor enjoyment well past sunset but also add a touch of elegance and ambiance to your garden or walkway. When solar-powered, they won't even contribute to your electricity bill. Drawing photovoltaic energy directly from the sun, these lights rely on the day's sunshine to operate, either via rechargeable battery or remote solar panel.

We set out to discover whether these lights live up to the hype by testing two exceptional solar-powered path lights: the LeonLite Solar Pathway Lights and the LeonLite Flames Torches Outdoor Pathway Lights. We installed numerous sets along sidewalks and garden beds, leaving them in place for a few weeks to observe how they withstood outdoor elements and whether they consistently turned on every evening at sunset.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at these two remarkable solar path lights, showcasing their unique features, pros, and cons.

Leonlite Pathway Lights 2


Solar Pathway Lights

LeonLite Multi-color Solar Pathway Lights - RGB


Introducing the LeonLite Solar Multi-color Pathway Lights, an innovative and festive lighting solution for your garden and outdoor spaces. These color-changing solar LED pathway lights are not only practical but also visually stunning. The set includes eight lights, each with a built-in rechargeable 1200mA battery that charges during the day and automatically illuminates for up to 10 hours at night, making them incredibly user-friendly.

One of the standout features of these lights is their color-changing capabilities. The 33 high-quality LED beads can switch between six colors (cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, and purple) and offer a memory function. In "FADE" mode, the colors automatically alternate, creating a mesmerizing lighting effect that is perfect for parties and festive events.

The LeonLite Solar Pathway Lights are not only visually appealing but also durably constructed. The high-quality polycrystalline silicon solar panel ensures efficient energy absorption, while the ABS patterned housing provides both beauty and resilience. These lights are designed to effortlessly decorate front porches, pathways, backyards, and courtyards.


Leonlite Solar Pathway Lights


Built to withstand the elements, these outdoor solar garden lights are IP65 waterproof and have a working temperature range of -4°F to 104°F. They can be confidently used in rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. With quick and tool-free installation, simply insert the lights into soft ground and enjoy the stunning illumination they provide.

Product Specs

Number of lights in set: 8 Materials: ABS, polycrystalline silicon solar panel Lumens: Varies depending on color mode Dimensions: 15.35 inches (length) x 5.31 inches (diameter)


Color-changing LED beads with 6 selectable colors Dusk-to-dawn auto on/off feature Weather-resistant and durable construction Easy installation and low maintenance


May require loosening of hard ground for installation Initial charging requires direct sunlight exposure

LeonLite Luce Fiamma Pathway Lights




Introducing the LeonLite Flames Torches Outdoor Pathway Lights, a captivating and eco-friendly lighting solution for your outdoor spaces. These solar-powered lights feature a unique torch appearance with realistic, dancing flames created by the 96 high-quality LEDs inside the vintage-style torch. No wiring is necessary, ensuring safe and convenient installation.

Equipped with a dusk-to-dawn feature, the solar light's built-in photocell automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. This hassle-free operation requires no additional screws or mounting accessories, allowing for quick and easy setup.

The LeonLite Flames Torches Outdoor Pathway Lights boast excellent efficiency, with a premium polysilicon solar panel providing a higher charging rate than standard solar panels. The high-capacity, rechargeable 2200mAh battery is protected from overcharging and over-discharging, ensuring up to 8 hours of illumination.

These lights provide perfect lighting for gardens, patios, pathways, and fences, creating a warm ambiance with their 2800K soft white light. The 3.7V voltage, 96 LEDs, and 360° all-around beam angle ensure comprehensive coverage and a charming effect.


LeonLite Torches shaped Pathway Lights


Designed for outdoor use, the rugged dustproof ABS housing material offers impressive weather and dust resistance. The IP65 waterproof rating and an operating temperature range of -4°F to 104°F allow these solar lights to withstand various weather conditions throughout the year.

Product Specs

Power Type: Solar LED Quantity: 96 Working Time: 8 hours after being fully charged Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion battery Battery Capacity: 2200mAh Waterproof Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: 2800K soft white


Gorgeous torch appearance with realistic flames Dusk-to-dawn auto on/off feature High-efficiency polysilicon solar panel Weather-resistant and durable construction


May require repositioning for optimal sunlight exposure Charging time may be affected by weather conditions

Hardwired Pathway Lights

LeonLite Ombrello Pathway Lights - 3000K/4000K/5000K



Discover the LeonLite Ombrello Path & Area Light, a stylish and energy-efficient lighting solution designed to enhance your outdoor spaces. These low voltage landscape lights are wired and operate on 3W 12V pathway lighting, making them a safe and eco-friendly choice for yards, lawns, and gardens.

Safety is a top priority for the LeonLite Ombrello Path & Area Light. With ETL Listed landscape lighting and a 12V low output voltage, these lights are safe for children and pets, eliminating the worry of fire hazards. The durable bronze aluminum housing offers exceptional corrosion resistance and heat dissipation, making it perfect for outdoor wet locations such as paths, walkways, stairs, patios, and gardens.

The Ombrello landscape lights utilize six LED chips and an upgraded lens to deliver a bright yet glare-free illumination. With a high CRI of over 90, these lights bring out the natural colors of objects, creating a vivid and captivating atmosphere.

Installation is a breeze with the 4.9 ft long power cable and eight wire connectors included in the package. The easy-to-follow instructions ensure a fast and efficient setup, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor lighting in no time.


LeonLite Umbrella Shaped Pathway Lights


Built to last, the LeonLite Ombrello Path & Area Lights have a 40,000-hour lifespan and come with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Product Specs

Power Type: AC/DC 12V LED Quantity: 6 Brightness: 120lm Color Temperature: 3000K warm white CRI: 90+ Waterproof Rating: Wet location Beam Angle: 360° Material: Aluminum Power Cord Length: 4.9 ft Finish Color: Bronze


Safe for children and pets ETL Listed landscape lighting Durable and weather-resistant construction Compatible with both AC & DC 12V Easy and quick installation


Cable length may require extension for larger installations

LeonLite Piramide del Tempio Pathway Lights - 3000K



Introducing the LeonLite Piramide del Tempio Pathway Lights, a sophisticated and safe lighting solution for your outdoor spaces. These unique low voltage pathway lights emit a 3000K warm white atmospheric lighting in 360°, creating a harmonious and inviting ambiance in your outdoor areas.

Installation is quick and simple, as the fixtures operate on 12V-24V AC/DC voltage. The package includes a UL-listed power cord and waterproof terminal cap for effortless assembly (voltage converter not included). The distinctive hollow-out design makes these pathway lights a perfect decoration for your garden, while the bead at the center of the light radiates in all directions, creating a captivating atmosphere.

The LeonLite Piramide del Tempio Pathway Lights are designed to be weather resistant, with an IP65 waterproof rating and a working temperature range of -13°F to 113°F, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the light body is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, extending its lifespan.


LeonLite Pathway Lights 3


With a 50,000-hour life expectancy, you can enjoy these pathway lights for up to 23 years when used for 6 hours per day. LeonLite also offers a five-year warranty for additional peace of mind.

Product Specs

Power Type: AC/DC Wattage: 5W Luminous Flux: 225lm Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC Color Temperature: 3000K Warm White Lifespan: 50,000 hours Working Temperature: -13°F to 113°F Material: Die-casted aluminum Waterproof Rating: IP65 Finish Color: Black


Unique design and lighting pattern Weather-resistant and durable construction 12-24V low voltage for a safe electricity environment Quick installation process


Positioning may require adjustment for optimal lighting effect

What to Consider Before Choosing the Pathway Lights

Before choosing between solar and hardwired pathway lights, there are several factors to consider. Solar pathway lights are a cost-effective option since they do not draw electricity and are relatively inexpensive. They also offer added security to your outdoor space. However, the design and quality of materials used can vary significantly, as can any additional functionality such as remote control operation or flickering effects.

In contrast, hardwired pathway lights require an electrical connection and professional installation, making them a more expensive option. However, they typically offer more flexibility in terms of design and brightness options, as well as greater durability and reliability. They can also be connected to a timer or dimmer switch, adding even more functionality.

When choosing between solar and hardwired pathway lights, consider factors such as budget, desired design, ease of installation, and desired functionality. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option to find the best fit for your specific needs and preferences.

Charge Solar pathway lights rely on sunlight to charge, usually taking six to eight hours for a full charge. Once charged, the battery can power the light for three to eight hours, depending on whether the light runs continuously or turns on only when it detects motion. Hardwired pathway lights, on the other hand, depend on a consistent power source and do not require charging but may contribute to your electricity bill.

Solar lights with dusk-to-dawn features require large-capacity batteries and oversized solar panels to draw and store as much solar energy as possible during the day for all-night operation. Hardwired lights don't have this issue but may need timers or sensors to manage their power usage effectively.

Color Both solar and hardwired pathway lighting systems can differ in terms of brightness and color temperature. Some lights offer multiple brightness and color temperature levels, allowing users to choose the ideal setting. Light color temperature is measured on a Kelvin (K) scale, ranging between 3,000K (warm white) and 6,500K (daylight).

Solar-powered lights typically emit soft white or amber-colored light, while hardwired options may offer a wider color range. Of the available options, amber lights tend to use less energy and last longer than their white-light counterparts.

Brightness Brightness, measured in lumens (lm), generally ranges from just 2 lumens to over 50 lumens for a path light. Solar path lights usually deliver a softer glow, similar to fairy lights, while hardwired lights can provide brighter and more powerful illumination.

For low-lumen solar lights, consider installing several lights in a tightly packed formation for a soft glow along the pathway. Alternatively, brighter hardwired lights can be spaced further apart for a more dramatic illumination effect.

Quality A significant factor to consider is the quality of materials used in making the lights, as both solar and hardwired path lights will be exposed to the elements. Over time, plastic light housing may crack, while metal housing generally lasts longer. Products with UV protective coatings will be less likely to bleach in the sun. Ensure any exposed wires on the lights are robust enough to resist damage from garden critters.

Design Solar and hardwired path lights come in various styles, including Craftsman, Victorian, and Contemporary designs.

No matter what are your preferences, there's a light on LeonLite's store to suit your taste. All of our products have a 2-5 years warranty and 30-days return policy.



Elevate your outdoor space with the convenience and warmth provided by path lights. These lighting fixtures are an ideal addition to enhance visibility and create a cozy ambiance in your backyard or garden.At LeonLite, we specialize in a diverse range of landscape path lights, catering to various styles and preferences. Our low-voltage path lights, equipped with long-lasting LED bulbs, are a reliable choice for outdoor illumination. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are perfect for lighting up your outdoor areas.Moreover, our pathway lights come with smart remote control features, allowing you to effortlessly customize your lighting according to your preferences. You can also integrate them with other smart devices in your home for an even more convenient lighting control experience.We prioritize simplicity and reliability in our offerings. Our hard-wired path lights deliver a lasting, professional look without any unnecessary frills. Our solar path lights, on the other hand, are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Regardless of whether you want to brighten up your garden or create a soothing atmosphere in your backyard, LeonLite has the perfect path lighting solution for your needs.


Solar pathway lighting and low voltage pathway lighting are two popular choices for illuminating your outdoor space. By considering your specific needs, you can select the right lighting system for you.Low voltage pathway lighting is a reliable option that consistently provides ample lighting for your outdoor area. Installing low voltage lighting is a breeze - you'll only need a transformer that plugs into a standard outlet and converts your home's 110-volt current to a 12-volt current, which is optimal for outdoor lighting. You can connect your low voltage lights to the transformer and hide the wires under the lawn. Dimmers and timers can also be added to customize the lighting to fit your space.In comparison, solar pathway lighting is incredibly easy to set up and does not require any wiring. Many solar lights, such as solar post caps, come with a built-in solar collection panel that connects to your lights. During the day, the solar light batteries are charged by sunlight and the lights are automatically turned on at night and off during the day by a photocell that senses ambient light. Solar pathway lighting is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals.Ultimately, whether you opt for low voltage or solar pathway lighting, the key is to select a system that meets your unique requirements and preferences


It can be challenging to know what color tone a light will emit until it's installed. However, understanding the light's color temperature, which is measured in Kelvins, can provide valuable insight.A cool white light, which has a blue hue, typically has a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin. This type of lighting is ideal for task-oriented spaces such as workshops, garages, or kitchens, as it provides clear and bright illumination that helps to increase alertness and productivity.On the other hand, a warm white light with yellow tones usually has a color temperature of around 3000 Kelvin. This type of lighting is suitable for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in spaces such as living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. It can also be used in outdoor spaces to provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.


Path lights are an exceptional upgrade to your outdoor spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Unlit pathways and gardens are restricted by daylight hours - regardless of how beautiful and inviting your landscape is, it cannot be fully appreciated in complete darkness.Incorporating path lights effectively extends the usability of your outdoor space. Evening strolls through your garden become more enjoyable and safe, and you can share late-night conversations with family and friends under the gentle illumination of your path lights beneath a star-filled sky. You can admire the beauty of your landscape even during the early morning hours with a warm cup of coffee in hand.Path lighting also adds a stunning visual impact that elevates your landscape from merely beautiful to truly breathtaking. We take pride in widening our selection of path lights to match your personal style. From the distinctive charm of low-voltage lights to the practical appeal of solar-powered options to the focused, dramatic effect of path lights, these lighting fixtures are the perfect finishing touch to your desired outdoor ambiance.


Path lights are designed to endure the elements throughout the year. At LeonLite, we focus on providing durable, high-quality products that can withstand rainy and snowy conditions. We include installation instructions in our product to ensure you install your path lights correctly and achieve the desired lighting effect. Give us a call at (800) 990-7688 to ask more question about path lighting!


Our free shipping policy on orders over $25 and 30-day return policy make it simple to find and receive the perfect lights for your pathway.

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