We believe there are three primary principles for effective outdoor lighting, which include focal points, cohesion, and lighting depth. To begin, consider the staircase. It's important to position outdoor lights along or within the staircase in order to maintain safety and enhance the appearance of your home's front entrance. The key is to find the right type of light and place it in such a way that it doesn't shine in all directions, including upwards into a person's eyes. Some common options for staircase lights include path lighting, hardscape lighting, downlighting or moonlighting, and tread lighting.


LeonLite Path light


Next, let's discuss pathway lighting. One of the most popular front of house lighting positions is along pathways or walkways. Installing lights along a path or walkway can make walking around your home in the dark safer, as well as boost curbside appeal due to the inviting atmosphere they create. When using pathway lighting, it's important to install them correctly to avoid glare. Path lights with dome shades are a great option, as they direct light downwards and prevent blinding the person walking. Additionally, placing pathway lights along the edges of the path is recommended for maximum safety.

String light


String lights are another trendy form of outdoor lighting. Typically decorative and providing low-intensity illumination, string lights are often considered a type of accent light used to achieve a specific ambiance or atmosphere. They are particularly desirable for entertaining and can be hung wherever you like, such as from the eaves of a home or between the posts of a front porch or gazebo. It's important to look for string lights that are specifically made for outdoor use, ideally waterproof and rechargeable.

Driveway lighting is another front of house lighting position to consider. Driveway lights offer additional safety and security, allowing for easier navigation in the dark and helping homeowners see who is entering their property. Although driveways can be large, it's essential to install fewer lights in strategic places to avoid an airport runway appearance. Floodlights, downlights, and pillars or post lights are all suitable options for driveway lighting.

Area light


Illuminating trees, shrubs, or other decorative features on your property is another front of house lighting position. The most common method is to install uplights, which should be placed away from the base of the tree and angled upwards to highlight the branches and leaves. Concealing the fixture is important so that the focus remains on the tree. Generally, softer, subtler lights are recommended for trees, as their primary purpose is to accentuate the beauty of the tree rather than providing safety or security.

Lastly, it's crucial to discuss some positions and practices that should be avoided when it comes to front of house lighting. These include positioning lights directly at doors or windows, angling path lights upwards, and leaving wiring exposed. By following the principles of effective outdoor lighting and avoiding these pitfalls, you can create a stunning and safe lighting display for the front of your home.

March 14, 2023 — Info Leonlite