Spiders are a common household pest that are often seen as a threat by many people, but do spiders like light? In this article, we will explore how light influences spiders and whether house spiders are attracted to light or dark environments.

To answer the question, are spiders attracted to light, it is important to note that most common house spiders are not attracted to light sources. In fact, light can actually disorient their natural sense of direction. However, certain species of nocturnal spiders may be attracted to bright light sources, particularly those that can help them navigate and find prey.


spider with blur light at the back

It's important to understand that different spider species respond differently to light. There are two major types of house spiders: diurnal spiders and nocturnal spiders. Diurnal spiders are active during the day and use ultraviolet rays from the sun to produce silk. They are not attracted to light sources. Nocturnal spiders, on the other hand, are usually only active at night to avoid predators and can use light to navigate and hunt prey.

Nocturnal spiders are the only type of spiders that may be attracted to light. However, this is not the same kind of attraction that bugs have to light sources. Spiders use light as a travel guide and to find prey, whereas bugs have a natural attraction to light sources.

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It's worth noting that spiders with poor vision often use the light from the moon and stars as reference points until they find prey or rest. Lighting can be key for spiders to avoid getting lost.

Spiders are not necessarily attracted to either light or dark environments. Most spiders have poor vision and rely on other senses to navigate and find prey. Both dark, hidden places and light sources can have benefits for spiders. Dark, secluded spaces can be inviting to spiders hiding from predators, while light sources are crucial for guiding nocturnal spiders with poor vision.

If you're looking to get rid of spiders in your home, it's more important to consider their prey, especially bugs, over light sources. While spiders may be attracted to the bugs flying around LED lights, they are not directly attracted to the lights themselves. Opting for LED lights with warmer colors can also help deter bugs and spiders.


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Do LED Lights Attract Spiders?
While spiders are not directly attracted to LED lights, they may be attracted to the bugs that swarm around the lights. If you live in an urban area, nocturnal spiders, such as the common house spider, may use LED light sources to hunt prey like moths, flies, and mosquitoes. Outdoor LED string lights and floodlights can therefore invite hungry spiders into your garden or house.

To avoid attracting spiders, it's best to use lights that attract a smaller number of bugs. Warm-colored LED lights, like the ones from Leonlite, are less attractive to bugs and therefore less likely to attract spiders. Solar-powered warm white fairy lights are also a great option to deter bugs and spiders.


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To spider-proof your home and keep spiders away, here are some tips:

Pour white vinegar around your property or garden to deter spiders. Spiders are extremely sensitive to the smell of white vinegar, which affects their natural senses and keeps them away.

Use an indoor mint plant or mint leaves to repel spiders. Mint leaves have a strong smell that spiders find unpleasant, so placing them near areas where you often see spiders can keep them away.

Keep your windows and doors closed at night to prevent bugs from entering your home, as they can attract spiders. This is especially important if you have indoor lights on at night.

Clean your house frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust, which attract bugs and in turn attract spiders. Even spiders that are attracted to light will not come to your house if they have nothing to hunt.

Use warm-colored LED light bulbs like those from Leonlite for your outdoor lights. These lights attract fewer insects, which means they will help to keep spiders out of your house.

By following these tips and using the right kind of lighting, you can help to keep spiders away from your home.

March 06, 2023 — Info Leonlite