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Mar 15, 2023 

Will Outdoor Lights Keep Raccoons Away?

Will Outdoor Lights Keep Raccoons Away? - LeonLite

Will Outdoor Lights Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons are intelligent animals, and once they identify your home as a source of food, they can be quite persistent. If you've noticed raccoons frequenting your garden or yard at night, it's essential to remove any potential food sources like trash or pet food and consider using pest control repellents. In this article, we'll discuss whether outdoor lights, such as deck lights, patio lights, spotlights, and pathway lights, can help keep raccoons away.



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Do Raccoons Fear Light?

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, so they are generally afraid of light. However, they can get accustomed to constant light sources, so regular outdoor lights may not always be effective. Motion-activated lights are a better option, as the sudden change in light can startle and scare raccoons away.

Why Raccoons Dislike Light

Most raccoons don't like light because it disorients them due to their nocturnal nature. However, a constant light source might not be enough to deter raccoons completely, as they can adapt to it. Motion-activated lights are a more effective solution because the sudden change in lighting is more likely to startle raccoons and keep them away from your property.

Effective Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Motion-activated outdoor security lights have proven to be highly effective at deterring raccoons from homes, gardens, and public spaces. These lights can emit up to 2700 lumens, which is very bright and disorienting for raccoons, and their motion-activated nature makes them even more effective at scaring off these pesky creatures.

Do Deck and Patio Lights Keep Raccoons Away?

Deck and patio lights can help keep raccoons away, as they add an extra layer of security to your property. However, relying solely on these lights might not be enough to deter all raccoons. It's essential to use them in conjunction with other pest control methods to maximize their effectiveness.

Choosing the Best Raccoon Deterrent Lights

If you're considering using outdoor lighting to deter raccoons, you may be wondering which lights are the most effective. Here are some of the best raccoon deterrent lights available:

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are an excellent deterrent for raccoons. Not only do they provide illumination for walkways, but they also help keep raccoons away from your property. These low-profile lights are perfect for lining pathways and garden borders, and their subtle glow can discourage raccoons from venturing too close.


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Spotlights are powerful outdoor lights that can be used to target specific areas where raccoons may be a problem, like near trash cans or compost piles. The intense brightness of spotlights can be very effective at scaring raccoons away and keeping them from returning.

Solar-Powered Flashing Lights

Solar-powered flashing lights are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for deterring raccoons. These lights are portable and require no electricity, making them perfect for use in remote areas or locations with limited access to power. The flashing feature makes them particularly effective at scaring raccoons away.

LED Motion-Activated Lights



LED motion-activated lights are an excellent choice for keeping raccoons at bay. The sudden burst of light when motion is detected can startle and scare raccoons, discouraging them from lingering around your home. In addition, LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them a great addition to your property.

LED Floodlights


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LED floodlights are high-intensity artificial lights that can be used to deter raccoons from your property. Installing these lights around the perimeter of your home or in specific areas you want to protect can effectively scare raccoons away due to their bright and intense illumination. Moreover, LED floodlights can also serve as a deterrent for potential thieves and burglars, adding an extra layer of security to your property.

In conclusion, outdoor lights, including deck lights, patio lights, spotlights, pathway lights, and other specialized lighting options, can be very effective at deterring raccoons from your home and garden. While constant light sources may not be enough to keep raccoons away permanently, motion-activated lights and other dynamic lighting solutions are more likely to scare these nocturnal creatures away. By combining these lighting strategies with other pest control methods, you can create a comprehensive plan to keep raccoons at bay and protect your property from their unwanted visits.

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